Wednesday, 16 September 2009

So where to begin?

I have decided that I want to tattooist. But where do I start? I have so many things to learn and many options that I need to explore. There is no real set plan for becoming a tattooist out there other then get an apprenticeship or go it alone, the second option being the harder of the two in my eyes. But before I even begin to explore these two avenues I think the next logical step is to START DRAWING! So this is what I have done.

I know that quite a few tattoo artists have not formally trained in art. I know that it would be easy for me to visit a website and buy a starter kit and ruin someones skin for life with an awful uneducated attempt at a first tattoo. I know that I will eventually have to pick up a machine and make my first attempt, but I plan on being as prepared as I possibly can for that first 'live' go. So first I need to make sure my drawing skills are good and I am comfortable with creating lines, shapes and shades. Because without this knowledge I can not even begin to think about picking up a tattoo machine.

Pencil & Paper

Over the last month I have bought myself a sketch book and a set of pencils and pens. What I have done next is to choose subjects that I think will challenge my abilities. Bearing in mind my influences such as Bob Tyrell's portraits and Jason Butcher's black and grey work.

So here are 3 examples of pieces I have completed. These 3 pieces explore my sense of grey scale, Light to dark and physical light source. I have also concentrated on object form using directional shading. I hoped to create a sense of natural realism.

Example 1: Johnny Cash (Pencil)

Example 2: Skull & Rose (Pencil)

Example 3: A demonisation portrait of Jason Butcher

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